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Air-Over-Water Pressure Control System

PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Pressure Control System is a control and feedback application that maintains water system pressure between a specified pressure range to prevent system pumps from short cycling.

Continual pump cycling increases the risk of pump failure and unscheduled downtime for maintenance service. PULSCO engineers utilize a proprietary program to analyze your specific pressure control needs, provide an accurate account of your system requirements and develop a reliable designed solution. PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Pressure Control System will increase the life of your system and save the cost of electro-energy to drive the large pumps.

Hydro Air Over Water ExternalHydro Air Over Water Internal

Operations & Maintenance

PULSCO’s system is designed with the owner’s needs in mind. PULSCO strives for ease of operation and maintenance. Using high quality components, PULSCO’s controls allow for autonomous operation of the pressure control system. Local and remote alarms enhance the continuous monitoring of performance.

The system is equipped with an automatic level-pressure control panel designed to maintain the air charge and water level.

PULSCO can provide additional levels of controls depending on application need.

System Components

Hydropneumatic pressure tank built per ASME, PED, CRN or other applicable design code

Control panel

Air compressor assembly

Pressure transmitter

Level transmitter

Level control components

Level indicator

Surge Control Tanks are compatible with…