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Surge Control of Waterhammer | 1970

Engineered solutions for fluid pulsationnoise controlsurge control

Setting a new global standard.

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Engineered Products

PULSCO is the pioneer and leader in designing and supplying solutions that protect our customer’s assets from premature degradation.

Since 1922, PULSCO has serviced a wide-variety of industries. Explore how our products have helped yours.


PULSCO’s Aerospace Dampeners are designed to extend the life and durability of aircraft hydraulic systems.


PULSCO is a registered manufacturer of defense articles pursuant to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR Part 122) and is an approved Level 1/SUBSAFE supplier to the US Navy.


Liquid Pulsation Dampeners help with extending the life of the vessel’s hydraulic equipment and helps maintain the vessel’s stability.


PULSCO’s Industrial Silencers help to address noise issues inherent within the operating and powering equipment used in Petrochemical plants.


PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Control Systems assist water system operators by protecting essential equipment and contributing to fewer replacement expenses. 

Fluid Power

Liquid Pulsation Dampeners protect and extend the life of large construction equipment and amusement park equipment by reducing pressure vibrations.

Power Generation

Silencers guarantee the health and safety of staff and personnel by reducing the audible sound level to be within OSHA compliance.

Green Energy

Power produced by solar, wind, and other natural resources that does not emit pollution.

Global Market

With almost a century of project installations, PULSCO has successfully provided engineered solutions on 6 continents.

On Time Delivery

The PULSCO team is dedicated to following the project’s schedule and providing on time delivery for every project.


PULSCO’s success derives from our legacy of product excellence and technology innovation. We strive to set the standard for the industry.

Professional Services

Our engineers can assist with all phases of any project for existing or new systems. This includes everything from planning and designing, to the final training of personnel at start up.

Cataloged Products

Cataloged products have shorter turnaround times to meet tight schedules and provide a more cost-effective solution while maintaining product quality.

Complete Skid Installations

PULSCO can design and deliver a complete skid instead of shipping all parts loose. This allows for easy installation and seamless functionality.


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