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Founded in 1922

Wilhelm Everett founds Pulsation Controls Company in 1922.

Since 1922, PULSCO has enjoyed tremendous success as a research and product oriented company in Hydropneumatic Control Systems, Gas & Liquid Dampeners, and Industrial Silencers. Our product’s reputation for performance, reliability and innovation is exceeded only by our engineering capabilities and experience.

Historical Library

PULSCO’s mission is to continue building on our legacy of product excellence and technology innovation. We protect our customer’s assets from premature degradation which results from pressure variations, pulsations and noise.

PULSCO is committed to providing quality systems and solutions through meeting and exceeding customer requirements. We strive to maintain a strong work ethic and professional approach while upholding honesty, integrity and respect.

PULSCO Timeline


Wilhelm Everett installs the first surge control system.

Mid 1950’s

In the mid 1950’s, Pulsation Controls Corporation is founded in Santa Paula, California.


PULSCO is sold to American Air Filter and moves to Louisville, Kentucky.

Early 1970’s

Wilhelm Everett and renowned artist, Wendell Dowling, develop the train analogy to illustrate waterhammer.


Tolo Inc. purchases the surge control & pulsation dampener product lines and moves PULSCO back to Orange County, California.


PULSCO reenters the Silencer market with an exclusive marketing arrangement with Fisher Control Corporation.


Advanced Technology Company acquires PULSCO as it has been manufacturing PULSCO’s industrial and aerospace products for many years.


PULSCO is currently located in Santa Ana, California and providing engineered solutions for fluid pulsation, noise, and surge control.

Quality and Performance

Our company is proud of being a pioneer of surge arrestor and pulsation dampener methods of pressure transient and pulsation control. For over 80 years, PULSCO has been designing and manufacturing surge arresting and pulsation dampening products to customer specifications. Our expertise spans several industries and offers our customers the assurance of knowledgeable personnel, seasoned products and industry proven solutions for their surge, pulsation and noise problems.

Vintage Images from PULSATION CONTROLS Dampeners

Innovative Industry Leader

As a leader in the field surge and pulsation dampening, we recognize that constant research and development is required to stay on the cutting edge. PULSCO was the first to employ digital computer modeling techniques to design surge control systems and analog computer techniques for the design of pulsation control equipment.

With proven engineering skills and industrial know-how, we continue to create cost effective, customized solutions that ensure operating requirements are achieved for each of our customers. Our policy is one of continuous product research and improvement in order to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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