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ShockTracker™ Mobile

ShockTracker™ Mobile

The PULSCO ShockTracker™ Mobile is a full package for measuring and logging fluid process pressures directly to any USB capable device.

The ShockTracker™ Mobile allows users to quickly gather data from the field and help determine if the process is running optimally. The data can be used to identify fluid process problems, prevent costly repairs, and/or verify that the installed protection systems are working properly.


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ShockTracker for Hydropneumatic Control Systems






Easy Installation

Easy Operation

ShockTracker Application on Laptop

The ShockTracker™ Mobile was developed as an easy to use device capable of recording pressures during a transient event fast enough to capture any surge spikes should they occur.

Using a 4-20mA pressure transmitter that is connected to the Signal Converter, the ShockTracker™ Mobile logs and records in real time.

By creating this communication bridge between 4-20mA signals and USB, the user can view and manipulate the data on any operating system that they are familiar with.

ShockTracker™ Kit Includes

ShockTracker for Hydropneumatic Control Systems

PULSCO ShockTracker™

Pressure Transmitter for PULSCO ShockTracker

Pressure Transmitter

Thread Sealant in ShockTracker Kit

Thread Sealant

Bushings for ShockTracker

Bushing 3/4 Inch & 1/2 Inch

PULSCO ShockTracker Flashdrive/USB

USB Flash Drive

Coaxial Cable for ShockTracker Kit

Coaxial Cable

Cable for ShockTracker Kit

Micro USB to USB Cable