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Surge Analysis

Surge Analysis

PULSCO’s Surge Analysts are experienced in modeling of a large variety of fluids and pipelines, including all pumps and valves, whether this is for transmission or distribution.

Proposed solutions take into account short term and long term plans by owners and planned operation.


Detailed Surge Analysis

Utilizing either PULSCO’s proprietary program based upon Method of Characteristics and/or Surge2010 program developed by the University of Kentucky based upon Wave Characteristics Method.

Surge/Pressure Analysis Modeling Report

System equipment outline and recommendations (Tanks/Equipment Sizing and Drafting, components, controls and control logic)

On-Site transient surge evaluation measuring and modeling

Onsite field verification of pressure variations in a pipeline after a pump shut down with a PULSCO hydropneumatic surge control system in place.

Piping network as seen in our surge analysis program.

Lagrangian Wave Characteristic Method Book

Surge Control System Operation

The before and after image depicts the pressure variations in a pipeline after a pump shut down without the protection of a surge tank and the pressure variations in the same pipeline after a pump shut down with the protection of a PULSCO surge tank.

The surge control system controls the energy and thus minimizes transient pressure from the shock waves. Since the pressure condition in the pipeline is sensed automatically, the surge arrestor reacts immediately to a pressure decrease by discharging water to the pipeline before column separation occurs.

Surge Control Tanks are compatible with…