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Noise Analysis

Noise Analysis

PULSCO will match the silencer to the valve’s operating parameters.


Industrial Silencers

Pre and post installation noise analysis for application specific vent and line silencers.

On-Site Industrial Vent and Line SILENCERS noise measurement and assessment.

Silencer Performance Curves Chart

Expected performance levels of a PULSCO Vent Silencer modeled using proprietary software.

Sound Level Chart

Sound Level Chart

PULSCO has been designing and manufacturing industrial grade silencers for over 50 years. Our Silencers provide decades of safe working environments, high productivity and decreased capital expenditure.

As designated by OSHA:

A minor change in decibel could result in a major change in the potential damage to a person’s hearing.

Permissible noise exposure limit for a working day is 90 dBA for 8 hours.

Equipment may need to be modified or replaced to be OSHA compliant.

Every doubling of increased distance results in a 6 dBA decrease.