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Line Silencers

Line Silencer

Our Line Silencers are used to control noise produced by valves in piping systems.
The line silencer is close-coupled with the control or pressure reducing valve and reduces the aerodynamic noise resulting from gas or vapor turbulence. In addition to providing the required back pressure on the valve, each line silencer is designed to attenuate the noise level by 25 dBA.

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PULSCO’s Silencers reduce low frequency noise by shifting the noise to higher frequency by flowing through the diffuser. High frequency noise is then efficiently absorbed by the acoustic packing in the tube module, resulting in a much quieter venting to atmosphere.

As complying with government ordinances with noise levels in the workplace, PULSCO silencer will protect employees from excessive plant noise.

Because PULSCO’s Line Silencer combines the acoustic benefits of diffusive and absorptive silencing, maximum attenuation can be achieved in a shorter silencer length.


Boiler Startup & Shut Down Systems

System Purge

Control Valves

Centrifugal Compressors

Optional Features

Flanged inlet/outlet connection (ANSI B 16.5)

Supports for vertical mounting

Saddle supports for horizontal mounting

Special material & finishes for high temperature and/or corrosive applications

Line Silencer Operation

PULSCO’s Line Silencers have a custom pressurized inlet diffuser that shifts the noise spectrum from a low frequency to a more easily attenuated high frequency range. The high frequency noise expands and then passes through the tube module where the noise is absorbed by acoustic packing.

Inlet Diffuser

Provides energy dissipation and modification of the noise spectrum for easier attenuation. It also provides the back pressure required for optimum valve performance and size at a specific flow rate.

Acoustic Tube Module

Multiple flow tubes surrounded by acoustic packing absorb and attenuate the high frequency acoustic energy as modified by the inlet diffuser.

To provide capacities for a wide range of flows, standard line silencers are available in diameters from 12 to 72 inches.

PULSCO Line Silencers are pressure vessel designed, fabricated, and stamped in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 Pressure Vessel Code.

Silencer components are generally constructed from carbon steel. However, they may be constructed from other materials to meet specific design or application requirements such as high temperature, corrosive environment, or oxygen service. Material recommendations are dependent on the specified operating conditions.

For a corrosive environment, components or complete silencers can be constructed from a 300 Series Stainless Steel (usually 304 or 316). For oxygen service, Monel or a Monel/300 series steel combination is usually used together with special cleaning and degreasing procedures.

Fabricated materials and finishes used for Line Silencers are determined by the specified operating conditions. At elevated temperatures exceeding 800° F, PULSCO establishes the silencer design as a “Special Design”. This requires particular attention to the design of the diffuser and may require all stainless-steel construction, special packing and extraordinary erosion protection.

  1. Economical high temperature black paint is available for temperatures above 800° F.

  2. Zinc rich primer (Carbonline Carbozinc 11) is standard with our silencers.