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Rectangular Duct Silencers

Rectangular Duct Silencer

The Rectangular Duct Silencer (RDS) is specifically designed to meet the stringent noise reduction standards now being imposed, and it does the job in a compact, high strength, economical package.

The RDS provides highly efficient acoustical design concepts coupled with well-engineered aerodynamic configurations, thus providing silencing of air moving noises. The RDS is built of heavy gauge materials for long life. It is particularly suited for gas turbine intakes, axial fans, compressor intakes.


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Rectangular Duct Silencer with Orange Background

Rectangular Duct Silencer

The Rectangular Duct Silencer is a compact and economical solution designed to meet stringent noise standards.

The RDS is designed with an efficient acoustical and well-engineered aerodynamic configuration that provides superior silencing.

The RDS is constructed with heavy gauge materials to ensure a long service life.

Maximum insertion loss per unit length

No acoustic short circuits

Guaranteed performance

Special features for the Rectangular Duct Silencer include:

Lifting lugs and/or support brackets

Special flanges


Erosion protection of acoustical packing

High temperature design over 300° F

Special materials

Special painting

Rectangular Duct Silencer

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