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Vintage PULSCO Sales Presentation Revisited

Out of the PULSCO history vault an old sales & marketing presentation has been revived and given a breath of new life. The presentation was initially conceived by William Everett to help assist in visualizing the magnitude of damage that starting or shutting down pumps can have on piping systems and related equipment.

The presentation was originally part of a slide presentation and although many of the original slides survived very little documentation exists on how the original presentation may have gone. The concept has been repackaged to be reminiscent of a storybook, with the hero Super Shock Trap helping an unwitting participent (played by a steam engine) against the evil villian (representing Waterhammer that occurs in pipes during sudden shutdown). A Train Analogy in Three Acts may seem quaint by today’s standards but judging by the amount of times the slides have popped up in various presentations throughout the years, the message certainly hasn’t lost any of its steam.