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Splitter Duct Silencers

Splitter Duct Silencer

PULSCO offers engineered solutions for management of acoustic energy. Absorptive Silencers are commonly used in intake or discharge applications along with compressors, fans, HVAC systems, blowers, turbines, and engines to reduce air flow noise.

These acoustically effective silencers are constructed with high open area to minimize flow restriction and associated pressure drop. PULSCO offers cataloged and modular models built to order.


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Splitter Duct Silencer ExternalSplitter Duct Silencer Internal

Splitter Duct Silencer

Silencers are constructed using an optimal combination of stainless steel and primed carbon steel for top of the line structural integrity and durability.

The Splitter Duct Silencer has a durable and well engineered aerodynamic design that is flexible to fit any standard or custom duct size.

The SDS is constructed with high open area acoustic panels strategically located to ensure maximum noise absorption while minimizing pressure drop.


Maximum noise absorption

Minimal pressure drop and flow restriction

Easy installation into low pressure systems

Cataloged and modular models are manufactured in the USA

Superior quality standards

Splitter Duct Silencer

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