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The Sparger controls the expansion of steam between a steam conditioning valve and a low-pressure condenser or piping.

The Sparger regulates the back pressure on the conditioning valve and diffuses the steam into the condenser. The valve back pressure reduces the noise generated by the valve and protects the valve from damage that would be caused by excessive pressure drops through the valve.

The Sparger is configured with a calculated number of holes to minimize noise generation and to safely diffuse the flow into the condenser.


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Design of the Sparger requires knowledge of the mass flow, the steam quality and temperature downstream of the conditioning valve together with the desired back pressure, the interface requirements at the valve and condenser, and the pressure within the condenser.


Minimizes noise in high velocity pressure dumps into lower pressure condensers or piping.

Sparger and the valve are used together to inject superheated steam into a condenser in a controlled fashion.

Functions as a junction between the valve and the condenser, it’s absence could result in severe damage to the condenser system.

Designed to optimize the valve operating requirement and to evenly distribute the flow into the condenser system.