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Line Diffuser

Line Diffuser

PULSCO offers engineered solutions for management of acoustic energy. The Diffuser Product Line provides practical solutions for inline pressure reduction or discharge of gas after a process control valve.

Diffusers are typically used in venting applications for blowdown control or after pressure relief valves. Each diffuser is designed for specific operating conditions to provide the needed controlled system pressure drop.

Different constructions allow for use in a wide range of fluid flow, pressures and temperatures. The designs target noise in the low to high frequencies.

PULSCO’s pressure containing diffusers are structural components built to last, and constructed in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code practices.


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Line Diffuser ExternalLine Diffuser Internal

Line Diffuser

The Line Diffuser provides inlet and outlet connections that can be customized to accommodate any application. Line diffusers are constructed from standard piping components that can withstand high system pressures.


Designed to attenuate a wide range of frequencies

Provides desired flow pressure drop

Increases service life of pressure equipment

Properly sized diffuser decreases overall system cost

Superior quality standards

Line Diffuser Internal View

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