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Gas Pulsation Dampeners

Gas Pulsation Dampener

PULSCO’s Gas Pulse Trap is designed to reduce or eliminate pulsations in gas or vapor pipelines caused by positive displacement equipment.

PULSCO’s Gas Pulsation Dampener eliminates hazardous line vibrations and accompanying annoying noises at any operating pressure.

Excessive vibrations can lead to failure of the line of pipe supports or trip safety valves.


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Reduced Pressure Pulsations

Output pressure pulsations are reduced to less than 8% of input pulsations. PULSCO’s Gas Pulsation Dampener typically carries a guarantee for residual pulsations of 1% of line pressure.

Pressure Drop

Typical pressure drops are 1% of line pressure, but designs can be adjusted to other values. The lower the pressure drop, the larger the dampener must be to achieve the same level of performance. A pressure drop lower than 1⁄2 percent of the line pressure is not recommended.

Wide Frequency Range

Designs are available for a wide range of operating frequency. Performance improves with increasing frequency and therefore higher harmonics are typically dampened to a greater degree than the fundamental frequency.

Zero Maintenance Necessary

The GPT has zero moving parts and does not require spare parts. Maintenance and tuning, unlike pressure charged dampeners, is never required.


PULSCO dampeners are custom designed for each application to provide the desired level of residual pulsations in the line. Depending on the compressor speed and the gas characteristics, the design may include a single chamber impedance tube, a dual chamber choke tube, or a three-chamber, three-tube design that was originally developed by PULSCO.

Gas Pulsation Dampeners are effective on both the suction and discharge sides of positive displacement equipment.

Typical sizes for PULSCO’s Gas Pulsation Dampeners range from 8 to 42 inches in diameter and 42 to 264 inches in length.

Several configurations of acoustic elements can be utilized to reduce the resultant pressure pulsation. The GPT uses the acoustic properties of a network of chambers and tubes to provide a reactive filter. The most prevalent style used by PULSCO for typical compressor applications is a two chamber device but the specific design is dependent on the unique application and desired residual pulsation level.


Typical applications for PULSCO’s Gas Pulsation Dampener are:

Rotary or Reciprocating Compressors

Engine Intakes

Vacuum Pumps

Engine and Steam Pump Exhausts

Gas Transmission Stations